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Health & Wellness


Sound Mind/Body Flow. Unwind and reboot with GREG ARCHER through a variety of health and wellness modalities.


As a longtime yoga instructor, GREG has instructed in health clubs, workshops, and corporate settings, addressing body/mind awareness and the importance of breathwork. Vinyasa or Hatha style classes create opportunities for physical transformation and inner well-being.


All this led to sound baths. GREG embarked on sound healing while writing a book about his Polish family surviving WWII. The experience brought about a sense of relief from grief and anxiety that arose while uncovering inherited family trauma. Now a successful sound bowl practitioner, GREG uses seven quartz crystal sound bowls, chimes, bells, and various drums and instruments for individuals, or in group events, retreats, corporate settings, and various care facilities. 

Research shows that various sounds and vibrations aid in alleviating tension, preventing ailments, and can revitalize the cells in our body. This wonderfully restorative modality can assist with stress, depression, burnout, and other ailments, establishing clarity, balance, improved creativity, and much more.


Email now to book a session or to receive more information.

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