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Rack and Ruin

Now that Fashion Week is officially underway in New York City, don't be surprised with the overdose of eye candy. The glitz, the glamour, the clamor for headlines and hot shots -- it's the annaul relentless ride into the wild and flashy multibillion-dollar fashion industry. And the world loves it.

On the flipside, the opportunity can unleash a trunk load of humor. If you look in the right places.

Consider Rack & Ruin. The new web series was exclusively launched by the fine folks over at the popular online portal Women You Should Know. Created and written by, and starring the incomparable Angela Dee, it is, quite simply, the one web series you should be watching -- no fashionista orgasms required, btw. But if you enjoy the fashion world, this is the show that will accessorize your creative fashion endeavors this week -- and beyond.

As for Dee... she could be the comedic find of the season. Read on.

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